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Sr. No. Subject Of Download Upload Date Download
1 18.11.2016_RC_MylanPharma_Hep C_03391 21-Nov-2016
2 18.11.2016_RC_CiplaLtd_Hep C_03392 21-Nov-2016
3 18.11.2016_RC_CadilaHealthcare_Hep C_03393 21-Nov-2016
4 Acceptance of rates for reagents & kits for Fully Automatic Analyzer 03-Nov-2016
5 Rate Contract Of 2016 For Supply Of Chlorine Pellets Valid For One Year From Date Of Issue. 07-Oct-2016
6 23.06.2016_RC-JSSK_Maxmed Life Sciences 09-Sep-2016
7 23.06.2016_RC-JSSK_Legen Healthcare 09-Sep-2016
8 23.06.2016_RC-JSSK_HealthBiotech Ltd. 09-Sep-2016
9 23.06.2016_RC-JSSK_Claris Otsuka Pvt Ltd. 09-Sep-2016
10 23.06.2016_RC-JSSK_ANG Life Sciences INdia 09-Sep-2016
11 23.06.2016_RC-EDL_Cipla Ltd 09-Sep-2016
12 17.06.2016_RC-JSSK_USV Pvt. Ltd. 09-Sep-2016
13 17.06.2016_RC-JSSK_Terrace Pharmaceuticals 09-Sep-2016
14 17.06.2016_RC-JSSK_SynokemPharmaceuticals 09-Sep-2016
15 17.06.2016_RC-JSSK_Scott-Edill 09-Sep-2016
16 17.06.2016_RC-JSSK_SAAR Biotech 09-Sep-2016
17 17.06.2016_RC-JSSK_RK Laboratories 09-Sep-2016
18 17.06.2016_RC-JSSK_PharmaSynthFormulations 09-Sep-2016
19 17.06.2016_RC-JSSK_Medipol Pharmaceuticals 09-Sep-2016
20 17.06.2016_RC-JSSK_Maxchem Pharmaceuticals 09-Sep-2016
21 17.06.2016_RC-JSSK_Eurolife Healthcare 09-Sep-2016
22 17.06.2016_RC-JSSK_Daffodills 09-Sep-2016
23 17.06.2016_RC-JSSK_Crystal Pharmaceuticals 09-Sep-2016
24 17.06.2016_RC-JSSK_Bharat Serums 09-Sep-2016
25 17.06.2016_RC-JSSK_Bennet Pharmaceuticals 09-Sep-2016
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